Sterling Silver Vintage Cutlery - Shell Spoon Ring 1895 - Size T


Handcrafted Vintage Cutlery Victorian Shell Coffee Spoon Ring
Handcrafted from real vintage British silverware.
Style and finish as shown

UK Size: T
USA Size: 9

A unique ring which stands out from all the rest.

It has been designed from a sterling silver teaspoon.
The ring displays a full set of English Hallmarks.

Original Hallmark: William Hutton & Sons Ltd, London, 1895 which cant be seen on the item. This item also holds a full set of modern hallmarks.

Spoon rings were first made in 17th century England as wedding rings by servants who could not afford expensive precious metals. Servants would steal a silver spoon from their master and have it turned into a wedding ring to be worn on the thumb of their love. Servants who were caught were sentenced for "stealing a silver spoon". An expression of love would be punished with a sentence of 7 years imprisonment overseas. When they arrived some of the servants are recorded as having met skillful prisoners who could create these beautiful rings and they would take yet another spoon from an officer or their new master to present their love with a precious token. Ever since these times, spoon rings have been a timeless and unique gift of love, a wonderful piece of heritage not forgotten. They became popular again in the 60's and 70's with the 'hippy scene' and are now experiencing another surge in popularity as people chose true craftsmanship over mass production.

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